Success Through Education

What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to the human soul.
– Joseph Addison

Education is simply the soul  of a society as it passes from one generation to another.
– G. K.  Chesterson


The John Momberg Endowment

A long time resident of Wixom, Mr. Momberg was first elected to City Council in 1985 and in 1996 came forth with the idea of a Community Endowment Trust. As an active Parks and Recreation Commissioner in the 1970’s, Mr. Momberg initiated the endowment trust for the purpose of maintaining and/or providing amenities for Wixom Parks & Recreation.

Following the formation of the Wixom Community Foundation, Mr. Momberg indicated he would like to transfer the funds to be used to provide start up and administrative funds for the Wixom Community Foundation in order to organize events to further raise revenue for the Foundation and provide various programs and assistance within the community. This transfer of funds was approved by the Wixom City Council in January of 2010.

Always a visionary, the Wixom Community Foundation sincerely thanks Mr. Momberg for his foresight, leadership and donations to allow the Foundation to grow while assisting others in the community.

General Undesignated Endowment

General Undesignated Endowment Funds are not specifically targeted to particular uses by the donor.

Rzeznik Family Scholarship

Initiated by the Rzeznik family of Wixom, the Rzeznik Family Scholarship is intended to provide funds for tuition, books and classroom supplies at any qualified institution of higher learning. This will include trade schools as well as colleges and universities. Applicants must be residents of the city for at least the last two years and must write an essay, which will be part of the application requirement. Community Service and Volunteerism will also be major considerations in the review and award process. “I have always stressed the importance to my own family of giving back to the community as they grew up here so that is why this topic is of such great importance to us.” said Councilman Tom Rzeznik.

There will be two scholarships of $500.00 with a plan to award multiple scholarships in future years as the fund grows. The applications and essays will be reviewed and the scholarship(s) announced at the annual city-sponsored high school seniors picnic held in June. “We are excited that the Rzeznik family has stepped up and has demonstrated a vision and filled a need for the future of our community” said Nick Kennedy, Foundation Chairman.

Teaching, Educating, Assisting, and Mentoring T.E.A.M.

The T.E.A.M. program is a 10 week program, instructed by Officer Louie McKaig of the Wixom Police Department during school hours. The age appropriate (5th grade) instruction will include lessons on reducing violence, bullying, internet safety, forming friendships, choices and consequences, peer pressure, how to resist bad influences, positive alternatives, and personal safety issues. The instruction will provide the students with a thorough understanding of their responsibilities as citizens, as well as the consequences of unlawful behavior. The program also promotes positive character traits among the students. In 2011 Co-Chairs and Council Members Pat Beagle and Jim Cutright organized a very successful golf outing with proceeds benefitting the T.E.A.M. program.

The Wilfred Manufacturing/Technology Scholarship

To provide future employment opportunities for Wixom area high school graduates, with special emphasis on “at risk young adults” and those challenged by traditional educational curriculum, through scholarships in the multiple fields of manufacturing technologies (including welding and welding engineering technology, rubber and rubber engineering technology, quality engineering technology, plastics and plastics engineering technology, mechanical engineering technology,

manufacturing technology, manufacturing tooling technology, CADD drafting and tool design technology) all coupled with internships from sponsoring corporations.

In the fall of each year, individual announcements for senior students are issued to area high schools, colleges, vocational schools and area manufacturing, tooling and metal working companies describing the scholarship program along with a sample application suitable to copy and distribute. Potential scholarship candidates must complete the application and submit supporting documentation by January 1 of the following year.

Through this scholarship program, in 2011, five Walled Lake Western juniors were able to attend the Manufacturing Technology Academic Camp at Ferris State University to ascertain whether any of the technologies in particular resonated with them as a future career.

Furthermore, the first $5,000 scholarship was awarded to a local high school graduate to attend Ferris State University this fall semester to further hone his skills in the manufacturing/technology sector.

Nowicki Historic Preservation

The Nowicki Historic Preservation Committee provides city-wide leadership, advocacy and education to ensure the protection of Wixom’s cultural heritage and historic places. We are committed to increasing our membership in numbers and diversity; increasing our funding base, increasing our advocacy efforts at a local and statewide level; continuing and expanding our education effort; partnering with other non-profit organizations to promote smart growth, sustainability and cultural landscape preservation.

Preservation of Historic Wixom, organized by concerned members of the community and incorporated under the laws of the Wixom Community Foundation, exists for the purpose of safeguarding the heritage of the City of Wixom community and for assuring a quality of life for tomorrow represented by the best of the area’s past. To the end that this goal may be encouraged among the people, and the charm of their community maintained and improved, this organization shall, through a program of education, enlist support for and participate in the preservation, restoration and ownership of sites, buildings, structures, and objects significant to the cultural, social, political, economic, and architectural history of the City of Wixom.

The mission of the Nowicki Historic Preservation Committee is to advocate for historic preservation; to promote an appreciation of local historic resources, both tangible and intangible; and to encourage and coordinate, with appropriate municipal agencies, civic organizations, institutions and individual scholars, the documentation and interpretation of local history.

The Nowicki Historic Preservation Committee achieves its mission through:

  • Education
  • Public commemoration (historic plaques, signs, markers, and civic festivals and ceremonies)
  • Publications (maps, brochures, tour books, and digital media)
  • Public meetings (planning sessions, workshops, and lectures)
  • And through other means.

The purpose of the Nowicki Historic Preservation Committee is to promote historic preservation and adaptive reuse through engagement in community service projects. The Committee is focused on expanding the already acknowledged social and economic benefits of historic preservation by both recognizing and promoting significant historic buildings.

Holiday Assistance Program

Funds to provide food, utilities, rent and other special needs during the Holiday Season

Children’s Recreational Assistance Program

Funds provided to assist children to participate in community recreational programs.

Special Purpose Endowment

Special Purpose Endowment Funds are designated for specific purposes.