Helping Wixom advance through scholarships, grants, and community service.

Champion philanthropy that strengthens the spirit and vitality of the Community.
Serve as a steward for individuals, families, private foundations, businesses and community organizations that entrust their charitable assets to the Foundations management and care.

Promote the economic and social well being of our citizens and businesses through education, mentoring and stewardship.

  • Support educational opportunities via post-secondary scholarships at schools, colleges and universities.
  • Provide opportunities for degrees and certifications in manufacturing, technology and other fields requiring specialized education.
  • Provide for the training/re-training of persons who are in need of upgraded technical skills for new industries.
  • Support organizations that provide mentoring opportunities that will lead individuals to become productive members of the community.

Support programs that promote culture, community beautification, and historic preservation and address economic deterioration within the community

  • Support projects to enhance and protect green spaces, historic features and parks in the community.
  • Encourage and support community art, music and culture through infrastructural beautification and institutional programs.
  • Promote efforts to enhance and rehabilitate the gateways to the City.

Cultivate Health and Human Service activities

  • Provide for the support of activities and organizations that promote the improvement of health and human support services in the community as well as the access to them.
  • Recruit, promote and encourage volunteerism throughout the community.

Our Mission/Vision

The Mission of the Wixom Community Foundation is to enhance the quality of life and strengthen the spirit of the community through leadership and stewardship of endowment funds and donations.

Who We Are

The specific purposes of the Foundation include, without limitation, the following:

(a) Promoting community education, art, music and cultural events.
(b) Promoting conservation, environmental protection and historic preservation.
(c) Promoting community beautification and preservation and combating deterioration.
(d) Erecting and maintaining public buildings, monuments or works.
(e) Promoting community resources and history.
(f) Developing human service support systems.